If you’ve got an Xbox and are subscribed to either Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you’ve got three games waiting for you to play for free this weekend. Those games are Far Cry 5, Unturned, and Bee Simulator, and as Xbox tends to do with its Free Play Days events, each of the games is on sale for the duration of the free trial so that people can own them permanently if they like what they see.

While Far Cry 5 is indeed the headliner for this weekend’s Free Play Days, it’s also a bit of a cheat in this case. That’s because Far Cry 5 is not just free to play through Xbox – it’s free to play on every platform. Ubisoft announced that free-play event recently to give everyone a shot to play or replay the most recent mainline Far Cry game ahead of the new one’s release. You don’t have to play Far Cry 5 to understand Far Cry 6, but it never hurts to try out the previous one so that you can appreciate or at least notice changes made between the two.

Three games, three days. The math checks out.

Check out this weekend’s Free Play Days titles: https://t.co/Y3K6L162Kt pic.twitter.com/cZ4uJFMMGa

— Xbox (@Xbox) August 5, 2021

If Far Cry 5 isn’t your thing, you can be a bee instead in Bee Simulator or can fend off zombies in Unturned. Far Cry 5 dominates the sales category by far since it’s a Ubisoft game which naturally means plenty of special editions to look at, but both of the other games are on sale, too. Those discounts can be found below with each of them applicable to the games for the next couple of days.

Xbox Free Play Days Sale

  • Far Cry 5

    • Standard Edition at 85% off: $9.00
    • Gold Edition at 80% off: $18.00
    • Insanity Bundle at 75% off: $22.50
    • Far Cry 5 New Dawn Deluxe Bundle at 80% off: $20.00
    • Gold Edition New Dawn Deluxe Bundle at 75% off: $32.50
    • Season Pass at 50% off: $15.00
    • Silver Bars – XL Pack at 30% off: $24.99
    • XXL Pack at 40% off: $29.99
  • Unturned

    • Standard Edition at 50% off: $12.50
  • Bee Simulator

    • Standard Edition at 60% off: $16.00

These three Xbox games are free to play from now until August 8th.