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‘Welcome to Plathville’: Ethan Plath’s Making Hay While the Sun Shines


ethan olivia plath

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers finds that Ethan Plath says that since he and wife Olivia live in the same neighborhood as brother Micah and sister Moriah Plath, that he spends a lot of time over there because he’s not sure how much time he actually has left with them now that the plan is to move to Tallahassee.

Watching he and Micah play like kids was really cute, and kind of sad in a way, you could tell that there was obviously more on Ethan’s mind, but he’s just not good at articulating things. So he and Micah decided to do a workout instead.

‘Welcome to Plathville’: Ethan’s making hay while the sun shines

Will Ethan eventually learn to articulate his feelings down in Tallahassee where he has no cars to work on or things to tinker with or siblings to run around with? One wonders, because if he doesn’t learn to express himself then he could very well shut down in more destructive ways.

So far, aside from drinking, Ethan doesn’t really have anything that could be considered an actual vice. He also seems to drink pretty responsibly so there’s no real danger of him becoming an alcoholic, I think he said one time that he didn’t really care too much for the taste. He also keeps a pretty clean mouth and it would seem only went through what could be called a ‘sexual awakening’ last year after having been married for awhile. Ahem.

One wonders what he will do when he moves to Tallahassee and doesn’t have the distractions that he has now. Will he give therapy another try? Perhaps in a different city with a different therapist things will be better for him. At least he won’t be under the watchful eye of Kim and Barry anymore and they won’t be able to monitor and judge everything that they do.

Maybe that is the reason that Ethan can’t articulate himself, maybe he thinks that the therapist in question would rat him out to his parents. Since Kim considers herself a holistic physician of sorts, his fear makes sense, even if it’s completely unfounded because of doctor and patient confidentiality laws.

However, Barry works down in Tallahassee and since we all know the creeper move that he pulled on Moriah last year by showing up at her workplace, I’m just afraid that he might pull the same with Ethan or qorse yet, Olivia. If he does then there might be a round 2 of the physical almost altercation that he and Ethan had in the Plath driveway last year. Stay tuned!!!

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