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Ted Lasso Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Do The Right-est Thing


On Ted Lasso Season 2 Episode 3, the show continues to improve from Ted Lasso Season 1.

For a show about a football team, Ted Lasso Season 1 did not pay much attention to the players not named Roy or Jamie.

Ted Lasso Season 2 was quick to make changes.

Ted Lasso Season 2 Episode 1 is the biggest Dani showcase to date, and the team is becoming more individualized with each new installment, as opposed to a group of extras Ted inspires every week.

Hey, doing the right thing is never the wrong thing.


Now it’s Sam’s turn in the spotlight as he takes a stand against Richmond’s sponsor, Dubai Air, for the environmental devastation its parent company is creating in his home country of Nigeria.

Toheeb Jimoh gives a stellar performance throughout. He’s always endearing as Sam, and the episode does a job of featuring adorkable Sam moments while giving Jimoh more dramatic moments to play.

What’s interesting is the dramatic aren’t loud, Shakespearean monologues. They’re quiet and reflective, making them all the more powerful.

If there is a quibble with the storyline, it’s with the mechanics of the plotting.

The storyline kicks off because Sam’s dad voices his disapproval over Sam doing promotional work for Dubai Air. Since Dubai Air’s logo has been prominently featured on AFC Richmond’s jerseys from the beginning, why didn’t Sam’s dad make his disapproval known before now?

There could be in-universe reasons such as Sam’s seeing a distincition between Sam having to wear his team’s uniform and choosing to participate in a photo shoot. However, the audience isn’t provided with any sort of explanation, so it’s easy to assume Sam’s dad didn’t previously object because it wasn’t plot-relevant.

The plot seams are showing, but it’s not a huge distraction. The combination of the acting, the message, and the character moments make this particular plotline a potent story.

How it ends seems to be the show’s way of responding to the criticism regarding its predictable plotting. Who would have thought a Ted Lasso episode would end with a character publically accusing the Nigerian government of corruption?

The door is open for Ted Lass to become more complicated in its plotting and to delve deeper into the business and political aspects of running a fooball club. Will it? Do we want this from Ted Lasso?

Those are questions for the rest of Ted Lasso Season 2 to answer.

In addition to Sam’s fight against Dubai Air, Ted Lasso Season 2 Episode 3 had Rebecca receive a visit from her goddaughter, Nora, and Jamie struggled to reintegrate with the team. Seemingly disparate, these plots found natural ways to intersect, and the stories achieved greater resonance because of it.

Rebecca’s plotline with Nora is another example of Ted Lasso Season 2 building upon the foundation of Ted Lasso Season 1.

Nora was previously mentioned on Ted Lasso Season 1 Episode 7, and the writers use the reference to craft a story about Rebecca trying to reconnect with the goddaughter she abandoned for six years.

Phoebe: Uncle Roy, can we have ice cream for dinner?

Roy: No, that’s dumb.

Phoebe: You’re right. Thank you for helping me set boundaries.

The story did a good job of showing Rebecca at work and working at reclaiming the parts of her personal life Rupert took from her. The icing on the cake was how the story brought Rebecca and Roy together for another great scene.

The writers, using Roy as their mouthpiece, hit a great truth about kids. Kids do want to be want part of the adult world and think mundane adult things, like going to the office or visiting a podiatrist, are grand adventures.

Nora’s excitement at shadowing Rebecca and her interest in Richmond’s financials and marketing rang true but didn’t make her overly precocious. 

She’s a fine addition to the ensemble of child and teenage characters Ted Lasso is assembling. She interacts well with everyone, from Phoebe to Ted. Her crush on Sam is adorable.

Nora’s presence allowed for an appearance from her mom and Rebecca’s friend, Flo. Flo wasn’t a big part of the episode, but her return provided the opportunity to clear up some lingering questions about her and Ted’s one-night stand on Ted Lasso Season 1 Episode 7.

Many other shows would have the one-night stand be a big secret Rebecca couldn’t find out about in order to manufacture drama. It’s a relief Ted Lasso doesn’t go that route. Rebecca knowing and being cool about the tryst is the smarter way to handle the situation because having her overreact would feel forced and contrived. 

I’m going to insult something and then try it because I’m a good friend.


Neither Ted nor Flo are pushing to turn their one-night stand into something more. It’s a bummer because the two have chemistry. Yet because the two are good together, it’s better to wait for Ted to be ready rather than rush him into a relationship.

Ted admits he’s not ready for romance, and he’s preoccupied with getting the team on board with the idea of having Jamie back. Since the team is resistant, Ted must resort to drastic measures. This leads to the highly anticipated introduction of Led Tasso.

Led Tasso is exactly what you expect Ted’s evil alter ego to be. He may throw his weight around like a drill sergeant and go nuclear over the smallest mistakes, but Led is still very much Ted. 

The funniest thing about Led Tasso isn’t Led himself but Coach Beard’s reaction to Led. Unsurprisingly, he’s the only one taking Led Tasso seriously.

Nate: Who’s “that guy”?

Beard: Led Tasso.

Nate: Who’s Led Tasso?

Beard: The last resort.

Sharon quickly deduces Led is a tactic intended to get the team, including Jamie, to bond over a new common enemy. Even Jamie knows it’s an act. If Jamie can see through a plan, it’s time to rethink the plan.

With no one buying the Led Tasso act and the team welcoming Jamie back into the fold without his help, Ted doesn’t accomplish much. It’s an ominous sign since the efficacy of the Lasso way is already being questioned. 

What consequences will the team face for protesting Dubai Air?

Does Led Tasso need to make a comeback?

Hit the comments below.

You can watch Ted Lasso online at TV Fanatic. 

Becca Newton is a staff writer for TV Fanatic.

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