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Safe Room Review: A Heartfelt, Impressive Thriller with A Must-See Rising Star!


It is probably you’ll presumably presumably by no procedure underestimate the indulge in of a mother for her child.

Without a slay in sight proficient and impossibly luminous vitality couple Nicole Ari Parker and Boris Kodjoe starred in this though-provoking thriller, Protected Room, which positively had us conserving our breaths.

Now no longer simplest does Parker bring coronary heart as Lila, and her hubby and Intention 19 big title, Kodjoe, deserves reward for his directorial debut, however Nik Sanchez’s performance as Ian Jackson is with out a shadow of a doubt undoubtedly one of the most highlights of the movie.

Kodjoe cutting his enamel into directing is a treat, and it goes to level to how years spent in front of the digicam can typically back as an asset to folks that prefer to step at the encourage of it.

His behold for state and the usage of that to larger repeat a legend or give “the legend at the encourage of the legend” offered unspoken context, mainly thru the main half of the movie that emphasized Lila and Ian’s existence and effort after the inability of the actual person of their condominium. It used to be an excellent manner of showcasing Ian’s autism old to verbal affirmation.

The latter half of the movie had its pleasing allotment of unorthodox digicam angles and shots with an inventive aptitude as the drama ratcheted up a notch.

I indulge in how the pandemic would no longer maintain an affect on the fantastic of some work, however you presumably can sense the measures that many assemble to work within that, and never more than a movie titled “Protected Room” where your complete movie takes space at the same residing. It is relatively tight filming, however with an edgy train and tall actors, you don’t bat your eyes twice at it. 

That stage of creativity and originality continuously impresses me, and Protected Room used to be every though-provoking and heartfelt.

At the center of this movie used to be Lila and Ian’s relationship, and honestly, if nothing else drew you in, it used to be that dynamic and the portrayal of it by Parker and Sanchez.

As any individual whose youngest brother has Asperger’s, there used to be this fast blueprint to Ian and some belief for Lila and how their relationship works.

Again, Sanchez’s performance impressed, and that’s where excellent casting came into play.

The authenticity Sanchez brings to the role of Ian as any individual who himself is on the spectrum can’t be duplicated. It is the form of rarity, and or no longer it is the most attention-grabbing thing Protected Room has going for it out of the gate.

Too typically, the portrayal of characters on the spectrum is so frustratingly one-dimensional and lacks any semblance of nuance. Alternatively, there used to be so grand attention to state here.

Ian’s routines, his programs of calming himself, and a pragmatic, grounded depiction of his abilities, among many alternative things, touched me in my opinion and made him this straight endearing persona in whom we invested from the originate.

So many moments felt familiar, equivalent to Lila speaking Ian thru what felt indulge in the Herculean job of retrieving his cellular phone from his true. She demanded he recite what she expected of him another time and another time, so he didn’t disregard. He got momentarily distracted in his room with the mess and nearly misplaced his likelihood at retrieving it.

Lila’s encouraging words for her son as she reminded him that there’ll not be any longer any must glorify “popular,” his autism made him out of the ordinary brought tears to the eyes. 

And the stability of providing an true look of an autistic teen whereas simultaneously having Lila exploit the fashioned misconceptions about it to their income and for his or her survival used to be wise. Lila expertly uplifted her son and by no procedure made him imagine his autism used to be a weak point or rendered him incapable.

She did this whereas duping Dom and Rocco into pondering he might per chance presumably presumably no longer course of advanced solutions ample to qualify as a possibility.

No, this movie wasn’t solely about Ian’s autism, nor used to be he diminished to his neuroatypical look and navigation of the field. But or no longer it is unruffled the form of rarity to search round honorable representation mainstream that or no longer it is sophisticated no longer to gush about and tip a hat to it when you happen to finish.

The total train used to be the popular Lifetime fare, twists, action, and hundreds screaming at the tv.

Lila used to be an straight sympathetic persona as a widowed mother in a distinctly out of the ordinary residing setup where doorways and heat didn’t work with out reference to serving as a trim condominium.

Seriously, the trim condominium vibes maintain been tall. It is too deplorable they didn’t take beefy income of the tech allotment of the movie more. It wasn’t except three-quarters thru the movie that Lila and Ian place about a of the gadgets to make employ of after acquiring his cellular phone.

Flooding the bathroom where the place of abode heaters maintain been used to be tall, even though it didn’t lead wherever since Neil saved Rocco from electrocution. 

And I beloved Ian coming thru with tinkering with the comms and fixing them, however they didn’t necessarily lead wherever noteworthy. Even true rooms maintain their flaws when what proved to be a sanctuary for Lila and Ian turned into a dying trap once air got sucked out of the room.

Lila’s unhurried husband used to be this shining engineer who tragically died because of a flaw in his self-riding vehicle. Evidently, he influenced Ian tremendously and instilled a indulge in of S.T.E.M. within him. The technological theme of engineering used to be continuously appropriate there, however they true barely dug into it as grand as they would per chance presumably’ve.

Nonetheless, it didn’t detract from the enjoyment of the movie and how wrapped up in the drama one turned into. Everything spiraled spectacularly out of retain watch over, and all of it stemmed from Ian taking a small bit to make employ of his video digicam to gaze things out of doorways.

An innocent project positioned his and Lila’s existence in hazard when he noticed Rocco brutally waste the neighbor and threaten him the moment she noticed him staring at. Your coronary heart broke for Ian, who used to be in such hurt and shock after the occasion that it sparked an episode and required Lila’s soothing except he fell asleep old to telling her.

It is understated, however Ian’s autism worked organically with the storyline, giving an true exploration for things that viewers would automatically ask. It made sense that Ian used to be distraught ample that he didn’t straight say what he noticed or warn his mother.

And he unruffled by no procedure relatively stumbled on the words for that. Ian’s quirks maintain been tied into the movie organically. They added that additional layer of depth and high stakes with all the pieces that transpired.

The escalation of violence and how Dom, Rocco, and Neil’s scenario spiraled out of retain watch over played out realistically. It made the movie a nail-biter with out reference to its revolved round Lila plotting whereas interior a room.

Of the antagonists, Dom used to be most sympathetic as a persona and with his feelings about Lila and Ian. For Dom, his intentions maintain been definite. He wanted to find rich folks’s properties, and that used to be it.

He by no procedure anticipated killing folks, and because the our bodies stacked up and Rocco proved how unhinged and relentless he used to be, it turned into too grand for him. You nearly felt for the actual person when he reached his breaking level and attempted to move away, simplest for Neil to shoot him in the encourage.

The actual person used to be a thief, and he got sucked into some terrible things, however he didn’t deserve that.

It is dazzling how long it took him to move away from Rocco, and if it had been as much as him, Lila and Ian would’ve long past about their business as if nothing came about after he destroyed the tape.

It killed him to search round any hurt reach to Lila and Ian. He used to be the most attention-grabbing one with one thing else that resembled a judgment of appropriate and flawed out of the crew, and he used to be trim ample to know that waste wasn’t the resolution to every scenario.

Rocco didn’t seem to catch that. The lady used to be dropping our bodies left, appropriate, and heart! She had no qualms about killing a baby, and he or she used to be relatively grand a psychopath. But gosh rattling, don’t you true indulge in Drea De Matteo? I can gape that lady in actually one thing else the least bit.

She used to be the most cutthroat and accountable for the majority of the escalation. No one would’ve died if it weren’t for her. The wretched neighbor used to be one thing, on the opposite hand it used to be a signal of how vulgar Rocco used to be when she murdered that form police officer who simplest wanted to support.

But true when you happen to thought Rocco used to be the final scenario, we learned the Neil twist. I can’t stutter I anticipated that one, so kudos to the movie for that shocker. Additionally, Boris Kodjoe plays an excellent deplorable guy. It used to be especially enjoyable to gape him play the villain against his true-existence wife.

He used to be no less reckless than Rocco, though. It used to be insane when he shot into a sad room and killed her instead. It used to be the form of unsafe thing to finish when he knew she used to be shopping for Lila and Ian as successfully.

However the most attention-grabbing aspects maintain been every Lila and Ian having their fearless moments.

Ian proved countless instances that he might per chance presumably presumably upward thrust to the occasion at some level of their journey, and it used to be luminous to seem. He succeeded with fixing the intercom and retrieving his cellular phone.

He saved his mother a pair of instances (calmed her down, too), and he stabbed Neil with the screwdriver when necessary.

My coronary heart swelled with pleasure that he held it collectively so successfully at some level of their ordeal, even when he used to be in shock. He even had some comical moments, equivalent to when he reminded his mother that they got into this mess because she didn’t be definite the repairman had his working papers and uniform.

Of course, he used to be alive to about it and didn’t intend it to be a comical legend, on the opposite hand or no longer it is the blunt nature that one learns to know.

But Lila got her likelihood to pause all the pieces once and for all when she shot Neil. Genuinely, appropriate for her. I wonder if the pair can ever in actual fact certainly feel “true” in their trim condominium with the true room after all the pieces they went thru.

But by the pause, evidently it didn’t bog down their potential to stay in the condominium. And Ian got into that Location program he used to be big mad and apprehensive about, and it would no longer enhance than that.

Protected Room used to be a thrill rush, which we would await heading into the movie. The solid used to be tall, too, making for a enjoyable movie.

And with Nik Sanchez particularly, his chemistry with Parker, and the autism representation, there used to be an without warning heartfelt ingredient of the movie that made it stronger and more endearing than imagined.

Over to you, TV Fanatics. Did you indulge in this movie? What did you imagine it? HIt the comments!

Jasmine Blu is a senior staff creator for TV Fanatic. Practice her on Twitter.

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