A highly-anticipated restock of the PlayStation 5 happened at Walmart today, and prior to the stock being let loose, many who were still pursuing the next-gen console had high hopes. Sadly, much like many other PS5 restocks over the past few months, it looks as though this latest sale at the retail storefront turned out to be nothing more than a “waste of time.”

Not long after this PS5 restock officially kicked off this afternoon, many customers who were looking to buy the console began running into problems. Notably, the problem in question is that the PS5 simply couldn’t stay in stock. Within seconds of Walmart releasing its available units, the webpage for both the Digital and Standard Edition of the PS5 would become unavailable. And despite Walmart releasing its stock in waves, every new wave of the PS5 seemed to play out in this same manner.

For a number of customers, the main reason for this problem is assumed to be scalpers. If you’re not aware of the tactics that scalpers use to buy PS5 consoles, many of them utilize “bots” to auto-purchase units as soon as the stock goes live. This means that normal customers then have to be quicker than these bots, and most of the time, the bots tend to win.

It remains to be seen if Walmart’s sale process of the PS5 will get any better in the future. But for most who were annoyed by today’s restock, they’re hoping that other retail chains like Best Buy or GameStop will prove to hook them up with the PS5 in the future.

Did you try to buy a PS5 through Walmart today? And if so, what was your experience like? Let me know either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

Conversely, keep reading onward if you’d like to see how today’s restock went down for many prospective buyers.

Aaaand It’s Gone

LMAOOO…5 seconds in and Walmart PS5’s out of stock!

— #kULTURE (@BigKep13) August 5, 2021


What a Waste

Spent an hour trying to get a PS5 off Walmart’s 10 min drops and by godly was it a waste of time I really need a PS5

— Nick”RiseNK”Huynh (@itsRiseNK) August 5, 2021


The Day Is Ruined

@Walmart Thank you so much for wasting 1 hour and 40 minutes of my time. I made it all the way to the final button of checkout each 10-minute drop for the PS5 Only to be told “Item out of stock this item has been moved to saved for later”

— Riot Pepper (@RiotPepper) August 5, 2021


Scalpers and Bots Continued to Be a Problem

@Walmart what’s the point of releasing them in waves if you cant protect your product from scalpers? #ps5restock #Ps5

— JustHereForPs5Updates (@JusHereForPs5) August 5, 2021


Time to Wait for GameStop

Dude screw Walmart, when’s the next ps5 GameStop restock

— ZDs Real Burner Account (@GTDennyZ) August 5, 2021


Scalpers Got Everything

You can tell its scalpers getting to the ps5, @Walmart cant even stay in stock for 30 seconds.

— JustHereForPs5Updates (@JusHereForPs5) August 5, 2021