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Promised Land Season 1 Episode 4 Review: El Regalo (The Gift)


Carmen’s birthday was as soon as a household affair and never without tension.

Indispensable of Promised Land Season 1 Episode 4 thinking about the household’s response to Billy’s return and as a priest, no question.

The largest casualty from this was as soon as Lettie and Joe’s relationship. 

Many of the hour perceived to perambulate as El Regalo felt cherish the sequence came to a standstill with a filler installment that will hopefully point out or now not it is gearing up to bigger things.

We do now not know out of the ordinary about Margaret and Antonio’s plans for Joe and Heritage Condominium, though Margaret orchestrating Billy’s switch there bought the dapper results.

We checked out of the stakes all americans has with the winery and their plans. 

Antonio and Margaret’s plans to recall Joe down have not been centered as out of the ordinary as you would query, and we did now not gain out of the ordinary observe-up.

Carmen’s quest to advance her artwork and profession hasn’t gotten that out of the ordinary traction. Junior’s struggles possess primarily taken space offscreen, and we now not incessantly explore their root along with his relationship with Joe.

And Mateo is on a time restrict we know minute about to assemble a wine that might perhaps perhaps place him on the blueprint and allow him to narrate apart himself from Joe.

On the other hand, we don’t mumble lots of time with that both. 

And this hour had a capacity of inserting a spotlight on that more than ever when the climax match was as soon as Carmen’s party that did now not possess nearly about as out of the ordinary drama and tension as you would query.

Carmen is desirous about her start mother, they customarily possess got a connection there that I would cherish them to delve into more. We gain flashbacks to the core four adults for the length of their teen years, however the more nuggets they fall, the more I wish we might perhaps perhaps well also conception what came about for the length of the phases of Joe and Margaret’s marriage.

How did she arrange to miss 22 years price of Carmen’s birthdays? Has Margaret handiest managed to “fight” for her youth these days attributable to her possess to recall encourage Heritage Condominium?

Margaret: Veronica, sweetheart. I missed you so out of the ordinary.

Veronica: I’m handiest here for my sister. You are detached wearisome to me.

Or now not it is a ways so out of the ordinary peril and conflicting emotions in the dissolution of that marriage and the outcomes. 

Veronica hates Margaret. Now we possess solidified how out of the ordinary of a Daddy’s Girl she is when compared to her siblings. She appears to be like to be the handiest one who both never knew what it felt cherish to be on her father’s glum or judgmental facet or hasn’t realized how out of the ordinary she does to gain him proud even when or now not it has been at her expense.

Or now not it is inspiring about siblings and their respective relationships with their fogeys. All americans has a special one.

Naturally, Veronica was as soon as the most outraged by Carmen interesting Margaret into their lives and her party. It was as soon as one thing that amused Antonio, who is secretly maintaining tabs over one thing working of their settle on.

Or now not it is now not comely that Veronica was as soon as seeking to dictate how Carmen ought to feel about Margaret. She smartly-known that Carmen was as soon as too young to be conscious Margaret leaving them.

She would now not possess that baggage, so or now not it is unfair to saddle her with it if Carmen is going to learn one thing about Margaret’s techniques, she must enact that on her terms.

Veronica relented to attending the party, but handiest because Joe pushed her to, and the cool response to her mother was as soon as intense. Each and every girls folk looked gleaming, and likewise it is possible you’ll well also decrease the stress with a knife.

Veronica has lots of unresolved disorders with her mother. As grateful as she is for Lettie, or now not it is evident that she’s now not taking Lettie’s presence as compensation for Margaret’s absence.

It detached feels cherish Veronica is more cherish her mother than she’s ever willing to admit. I wish the sequence would dive all in with that more. If we’re likely working with a shorter season, they possess got to gain use of their time.

At the moment, Veronica has Delgado following Michael. On the other hand, or now not it is exhausting to care because we know so minute about him or their relationship.

The right drama repeatedly lies with Lettie, Joe, and Billy.

Interestingly, we learn that Mateo lionized his father despite the truth that he knew Billy had disorders and left them.

The hour served to remind Mateo that despite the truth that he would now not gain along with Joe, he’s the daddy that he repeatedly had.

Mateo: He’s going to display veil you unfriendly this time.

Joe: Other folks don’t commerce, Mateo. Only their lies enact.

He couldn’t wait to lumber to his father and retract up where they left things. He idolized this image of his father and made Joe out to be the villain of his memoir. It appears to be like so out of the ordinary of him striking out on his own upholds his father’s legacy. 

It was as soon as inspiring that Billy was as soon as so upfront about how he failed Mateo. He refused to permit Mateo to space him on a pedestal or bash Joe.

He’s refreshing in that he would now not intend to hunch the youth in no topic is happening among the adults.

Daniela is this kind of lightweight in Mateo’s lifestyles and a enlighten of motive. She’s a grounding pressure, but I’m hoping we conception more of her memoir out of doors of her timid, soundless strength and the most effective possible contrivance it impacts those around her.

Perhaps Joe is now not the monster you suspect he is factual cherish I’m now not the person you be conscious.


The weirdness between Mateo and Billy was as soon as exhausting to route of. Nevertheless presumably that was as soon as inevitable, given how out of the ordinary time past since they’ve considered every other.

And the stress between Joe and Billy was as soon as understated. Joe punched his brother in the center of a church. Or now not it is about besides to you would query it to pass, but we did now not gain to any extent extra scenes of the two in the most up-to-date since that moment.

The next time they face every other, or now not it is mosey to be rife with more drama. Interestingly, Billy would now not seem to possess unwell-will towards his brother. Joe is the one who has all of this anger towards Billy.

Which capacity that, his relationship with Lettie and Margaret makes use of him to rile up Joe unfamiliar.

Margaret is presumably onto one thing when she speaks about the chemistry between Billy and Letty. Or now not it is a ways the one time where we now possess witnessed Billy forgetting who he’s purported to be now and dancing on the lines of antagonistic. He and Lettie click, and he acknowledged how unfriendly it was as soon as that they saved Joe at the hours of darkness.

He saw their secret for what it was as soon as: the two of them sharing this time without Joe in the mix. Or now not it is as if the collar would now not cease Billy from threatening Joe and Lettie’s relationship.

Nevertheless out of the ordinary of that goes encourage to what we now possess considered previously and Joe’s heartbreaking words to her when he spread out. Joe was as soon as repeatedly pining for Lettie, even when she was as soon as with Billy.

He admitted that he had place Letting first since he met her, even when he was as soon as married to Margaret. Or now not it is a hell of a enlighten to yelp, and it sheds some more gentle on the tangled web of relationships. If Joe prioritized Lettie the complete time, then was as soon as his marriage to Margaret right?

I could perhaps perhaps well also use a blueprint to gain sense of this household. We’re so messed up.


Did he ever cherish Margaret, or was as soon as he handiest in it for the winery? Did Lettie ever cherish Joe the same capacity as he did her?

Or now not it is inspiring how we began this sequence with many reasons to be frustrated with Joe. Unruffled, they’ve worked to expand on the complexities of his persona and gain him sympathetic.

Billy went out of his capacity to remind Mateo that Joe wasn’t the worst person on this planet and was as soon as a father figure to him. And no topic disorders Lettie had with Joe perceived to disappear when Joe gave this lovelorn, peril confession.

Or now not it is inspiring whereas you happen to place in mind that three out of his four youth, four out of five whereas you enlighten in Mateo, possess such strained, sharp, or a ways-off relationships with him. Margaret has some motive to be against Joe, too.

The dance between Margaret and Joe served as a reminder of their chemistry, and it made Lettie jealous. She might perhaps perhaps well also possess gotten the earnings over Margaret when she gave Carmen that sentimental reward, but she misplaced ground for the length of those moments with Joe.

Joe now not trusts Lettie, and that locations them in uncharted territory. It did now not seem as if one thing might perhaps perhaps well also come between those two after all the pieces they’ve gone by contrivance of, but this is this kind of gruesome turning level for them, and Joe’s the one to reach a brink.

The flashbacks confirmed us how the trio rescued Rosa, and it had some bumpy moments. Total, it felt paying homage to their normal damage out from Pedro.

The more necessary level of curiosity is in wondering what came about to Rosa. The build is she now, and what came about to her?

Over to you, Promised Land Lovers. What did you suspect of this installment? Are you alarmed Joe is the one who is pushing Lettie away? Hit the feedback.

You are going to be ready to look Promised Land on-line here by the use of TV Fanatic.

Jasmine Blu is a senior workers writer for TV Fanatic. Prepare her on Twitter.

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