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New Amazing Spider-Man Beyond Trailer Released

New Amazing Spider-Man Beyond Trailer Released

Marvel has released a new trailer for Spider-Man Beyond, the new series that will once again put fan-favorite Peter Parker clone, Ben Reilly, back in the spotlight, as he steps out into another major Spider-Man story event: “Spider-Man Beyond”! The trailer for Spider-Man Beyond comes with the tantalizing caption that “This October, two Spider-Men will swing into action, but only one will swing out!” While Peter Parker Spider-Man tries to deal with the considerable problems mounting in his world, Ben Reilly is being re-branded as THE official Spider-Man by the Beyond Corporation! 

In fact, it’s the Beyond Corporation that is at the center of this “Spider-Man Beyond” trailer. The trailer formats itself as an ad from the Beyond Corporation, promoting its version of Spider-Man: 

“The Beyond Corporation is proud to announce our groundbreaking partnership with Spider-Man!” The narration says. “The world is a dangerous place, but in the same way that Beyond is taking care of your every need, Beyond is going to keep you and the world safe. With our new proprietary and patented technology, Spider-Man will be able to perform with an increase of 37% efficiency, assuring the prosperity of New York, and a better tomorrow.” 

After that little bit of viral marketing we get the official trailer for “Spider-Man Beyond” which teases Peter Parker and Ben Reilly having to once again join forces – only this time, it looks as though Peter Parker may not make it out of the team-up alive. Indeed, Marvel has been teasing “Spider-Man Beyond” and its ominous hint that Peter Parker could die or be gravely injured. So is the Spider-Man (comic) franchise going for a monumental character shift? 

Ben Reilly made his debut in the ’70s Spider-Man Clone Saga, as a clone of Spider-Man created by the villain The Jackal to fight the Web-Slinger. “Ben” apparently died heroically after turning on Jackal, but the ’90s Clone Saga revealed he was alive and in hiding until The Jackal’s schemes once again draw Ben Reilly to Peter Parker. Ben would become the “Scarlet Spider” with his infamous (yet iconic) ’90s-inspired costume with the blue hooded sweatshirt. FCBD Spider-Man & Venom recently included a story that establishes the sort of impressive costume upgrades and marketing plan the Beyond Corporation has for its version of Spidey. The stage is now set for “Spider-Man Beyond” to be an exciting and game-changing event. 


(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Here’s more info about Spider-Man Beyond, as released by Marvel: 


AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #75 kicks off a new era on October 6th! 

New York, NY— September 10, 2021 — An all-star lineup of writers and artists have assembled to bring you one of the boldest sagas in Spider-Man history! Kicking off next month in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #75, creators Saladin Ahmed, Cody Ziglar, Patrick Gleason, Zeb Wells, Kelly Thompson will team up on the thrice-monthly title and shake up the Spider-Man status quo beyond your wildest expectations. This revolutionary era will see the return of Peter Parker’s fan-favorite clone: Ben Reilly. Backed by the Beyond Corporation, Ben Reilly is more than ready to take over and be the best Spider-Man there ever was. Does he have what it takes? And what does Peter have to say about it? This fresh take on the Spider-Man mythos will introduce new foes, redefine classic villains, and make you rethink the whole concept of Spider-Man! Get your first look at Ben Reilly’s early adventures as the new Spidey in the all-new AMAZING SPIDER-MAN BEYOND trailer, featuring never-before-seen artwork!

Find out if Ben Reilly is up for the challenge when AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #75 hits stands on October 6th! For more information, including an exclusive look at interior artwork, visit

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