Marvel’s Avengers has a new Iron Man suit, and while some players are ready to fork over a piece of their weekly paycheck for it, others are ready to burn down the servers because of it. Right now, as in the moment of writing this, players of the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Google Stadia game can buy the Terrigen Charge Outfit Set and Bundle via the Marketplace.

A brand new suit part of a larger set, Crystal Dynamics, the game’s developer, notes the suit is made with an “alternative energy” source that makes the outfit emit a ” brilliant blue.” As you will know, we don’t often see Iron Man in a blue suit. Combine this with a sleek design, and you get a lot of players excited to drop some dough.

However, other players are accusing the suit of being a “reskin” and a “color swap” of previous Iron Man suits. Of course, this is an oversimplification and undermines the work that went into the suit, but there’s a point to the criticism. Players want more varied suit designs. That said, obviously more elaborate suits require more time and money, which runs at odds with the game’s monetization model that relies on releasing new cosmetics at a rapid pace. Suffice to say, the division over the game’s suits isn’t going to end with this new Iron Man skin.


We’re bored of lazy team recolors. Please put more effort into these outfits. This is a fan idea from Reddit about how team sets could be something fun and unique instead of simple color swaps. I’ve said time and time again do a monthly outfit, time for quality over quantity.

— All-Father Designs (u/WolverineKuzuri93) (@AllFatherWorks) August 6, 2021


Good Job

Not bad colors. Not bad animations. Not bad price. Good job this week!

— TheOverLook (@OverLookMediia) August 6, 2021


Ugliest Skins Ever

You guys own the rights to the ugliest marvel skins of all time from any source material video games, movies , or comics. Congratulations to staining the Avengers title

— Godsslave777 (@Godsslave777) August 6, 2021


Another Buy

I actually like this set cd wow thanks for making me buy two of these skins

— BlackWakanda (@BlackWakandA4) August 6, 2021


A Great Looking Suit

Black and blue

Nit my first thought but it’s great looking :3

— Vivian 💖 (@randomgirltrans) August 6, 2021


Lazy Asset Flip

Sing it with me, everyone knows the lyrics – laaaaaaaaaazy asset fliiiiiiiiiips. Fourteen dollas please

— Brandon Barlow (@BarlowBrandon) August 6, 2021