David Faber’s time as the latest Jeopardy guest host wrapped up on Friday. How did the CNBC host handle hosting duties? Jeopardy fans wasted no time in weighing in on how he handled the task.

Faber’s stint as the latest Jeopardy guest host has largely been overshadowed by the news about the quiz show’s possible permanent replacement for the late Alex Trebek. Variety reported that Mike Richards, one of Jeopardy‘s executive producers, was in advanced negotiations to become the permanent host. Since then, fans have voiced their thoughts on Richards possibly becoming the full-time host. It turns out that not everyone is on board with it.

Still, viewers took time this week to speak out on Faber’s Jeopardy hosting abilities. Based on the tweets about the matter, many fans wouldn’t mind it if the CNBC host got the permanent gig.

I thought I knew who I wanted to see as permanent host of #Jeopardy but then David Faber rocked up and crushed his week.

— Jessica (@Oline_Marie) August 7, 2021

“I enjoyed several of the guest hosts immensely (hi Ken & Mayim!) but this week with @davidfaber is the first time I felt like I was watching regular old Jeopardy and not guest host auditions,” one fan pointed out. “Would love to see him seriously considered for the job.”


I quite enjoyed David Faber’s turn as guest host on #Jeopardy – I wasn’t real familiar with him before but he was pretty good I’d say.

— DJ (@HeyMisterDJ_ATL) August 7, 2021

Another fan noted of Faber’s popularity, “Seems like David is the sleeper hit! He’d make an excellent host – fluid pacing, just the right amount of banter, and authoritative without being condescending.”


Was #Jeopardy guest host David Faber the closest we’ve seen to Alex Trebek? Great job!

— Joe Buie (@etfs_JBuie) August 6, 2021

Yet another viewer would be happy to see Faber getting the full-time job, as they wrote, After seeing so many hosts, figured the choice was clear already, but really surprised by 

@davidfaber. Pace and personality felt really great watching as a viewer. Could definitely see him taking up the mantle.


David Faber should be made the new host of #Jeopardy. He said he would take the job if offered, but unfortunately he won’t even be offered, let alone even be considered, I bet.

— Funk! (@jxpfunk) August 7, 2021

“Before this week I had never heard of David Faber. After this week I am convinced he should be the permanent host,” this Twitter user shared. “He is so genuine. Communicates well with the contestants and has a calming effect for anyone watching him, which is just what I need.”


David Farber was terrific #Jeopardy

— Allison (@v_streamer) August 6, 2021

Clearly, fans were impressed by Faber. As one viewer put it, “I like David Faber as host. Very impressive! He was as smooth as silk. Really fast and didn’t stumble once! And he even threw in a ‘huzzah’ once! Loved it!”


He didn’t get the buzz other hosts did, but you could easily argue David Faber was the best guest host of #Jeopardy. He was excellent this week.

— Trevor Keller (@trevkeller) August 6, 2021

Many fans noted that Faber was a natural as the latest Jeopardy host, with one writing, “@davidfaber was one of my favorite guest hosts. He was so natural and easy to watch. Guess it helps being on live TV every day. Well done.”



I don’t know how many guest hosts are left for Jeopardy!, but my clubhouse leader for Alex’s permanent replacement is David Faber. And no, this is not recency bias. #Jeopardy

— Darrell Rebouche (@darebouche) August 6, 2021

One fan put it simply, as they wrote on Twitter about Faber, “I thought @davidfaber was great. Well done.”