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Home Before Dark Season 2 Episode 9 Review: The Biggest Life


I didn’t see it coming on Home Before Dark Season 2 Episode 9, but perhaps I should have. 

It felt as though we were just starting to get to know Sylvester Lisko, the man who thought his life was small, and now his life is over. 

Maybe over is too strong a word because Sylvester’s legacy lives on with his family, who are devastated by his loss but strengthened by his spirit. 

My heart broke for the entire family but especially for Matt and Hilde. Hilde adored her grandfather even though she shared little time with him. She was so certain for so long that if she worked hard enough to crack this story, she could somehow save him.

That wasn’t meant to be, but Sylvester’s death won’t distill her drive to uncover the truth and bring it to light. For someone who felt his life was small, he had a huge impact on his granddaughter in a short period of time. 

Your life was the biggest.


Sylvester’s funeral brought together the Lisko’s small group of friends, and Hilde was able to tell everyone what her grandfather meant to her. Perhaps that bit of closure will help her move forward. 

Sylvester never left Erie Harbor, even when Matt asked him to move to New York to be with their family. Whether Sylvester’s decision was because he loved his hometown that much or fear of change is unclear. 

It’s left Matt with mixed feelings about this town.

He loved this town. This town poisoned him, Bridge. This town took away my dad when I was a kid, and this town has taken him away from me again.


And yet, it appears he is choosing to stay in Erie Harbor. I know Matt lost his job in New York, but he’s a reporter, and Bridget is an attorney. So, theoretically, they could move anywhere now that Sylvester is gone. 

But I don’t think they will, at least not soon. Despite all of its flaws, Erie Harbor has become the home they’re fighting to make better. 

Not everyone is happy with the Lisko’s taking on this fight. Most of Erie Harbor has worked for or benefited in some way from Strata Tech.

Now Ethan feels caught in the middle. 

I understand why your sister wanted to publish her story, but Strata built this community, and it’s hard for a lot of us watching your family drag their name through the mud.

Ethan’s Mom

Ethan’s in a tough spot. He knows what Strata Tech did was wrong, but he doesn’t want to see his mother suffer for it. And if she loses her job, will that mean Ethan will be leaving Erie Harbor once again?

If Strata Tech goes under, many people will lose their jobs, maybe even their retirement accounts, and the tax base for Erie Harbor will likely be decimated.

That’s going to leave a lot of people looking for someone to blame, and I fear it will be the Lisko’s who will feel their wrath over Strata Tech. 

Bridget and Matt could choose to take the easy way out. They could take a big payoff from the company and go on with their lives, but I don’t see that happening. They’ve instilled certain ethics in their daughters, and they see that blossom in both Izzy and Hilde. 

Hilde isn’t the only young star in the Lisko family. Izzy is really coming into her own. A year ago, she wouldn’t have had the confidence to lead a walkout or stand up and speak in front of that crowd. Bridget and Matt had reason to be proud. 

And Bridget practically beamed when she realized Izzy had read that gag order and understood the legal loopholes that existed. Perhaps this Lisko will follow in her mother’s footsteps and head towards the legal profession. 

But even Agent Rutherford appeared to be in Strata Tech’s pocket as Frank took photos of him taking what looked like a payoff from the company’s fixer. 

It’s likely that Trip would have stood up for herself even without those pictures, but they definitely gave her some added leverage. 

Trip: I’ve been subjected to more scrutiny in one year at this job than my predecessor had to deal with in 35, and still, I rose to that challenge. But from the start, you haven’t supported me because a black woman can’t be sheriff in this town.

Rutherford: Now hold on, I never said anything…

Trip: What was it you said? That I’d be more comfortable somewhere else, in a more progressive town. You don’t want to make me feel comfortable. You wanted to make sure that everyone else around here wasn’t uncomfortable. And instead of trying to help me clean up the racism in this town, you wanted me out of your way so you all could get back to business. But guess what? I don’t like the way you do business, and I think your boss, the Attorney General, will agree with me when she sees this.

The biggest twist of all was left for the very end, and it answered one of the questions I’ve been asking all season.

Where in the world is Richie Fife? 

It turns out Canada was the correct answer. 

Before we dive into that, I have one nit to pick. 

Who lets their young child answer the door to a stranger and allow them inside? How is this okay anywhere in this day and age? Am I overreacting? Are things that much safer in Canada? Or was this just a setup for the big reveal?

That was that Richie Fife is alive and well and living somewhere in Vancouver. 

But how is he connected to Arthur Conway? It sounded as though Arthur was the boy’s grandfather, and Richie is his father. So, were Arthur and Richie somehow related?

If I remember correctly, Richie’s mother was having an affair and left town after she died. Could Arthur have been the man she was involved with? Could Richie have ended up with them and started a new life in Canada, choosing never to return to Erie Harbor and letting the entire town believe he was dead?

With only one installment left in the season, will we get the whole story about what happened to Richie Fife after his abduction all those years ago? 

Will Strata Tech be forced to face the consequences of poisoning their employees for decades and trying to cover up the mess over truly cleaning it up?

Check back for my review of Home Before Dark Season 2 Episode 10 to find out if we get the answers.

And hit that big, blue SHOW COMMENTS button down below to let us know your thoughts on the Richie Fife mystery and more!

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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