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Flash Theory: DC Just Revealed the Dark Side of the Speed Force

Flash Theory: DC Just Revealed the Dark Side of the Speed Force

Flash Theory: DC Just Revealed the Dark Side of the Speed Force

Flash Theory: DC Just Revealed the Dark Side of the Speed Force

The world of comedian books is stuffed with scientific anomalies, however few are as embedded in superhero lore because the Speed Force. An interdimensional cosmic vitality area that propels time and infrequently displays sentience, the Speed Force is what offers the Flash his superb velocity. Not like his teammates Superman and Surprise Girl, the Flash and his household of speedsters do not merely transfer at unnatural velocities – they use the ability of the Speed Force to warp area and time. The facility of “the Force” has been a vital software for the Flash-Household, however like its Star Wars counterpart, it additionally has a Dark Side.

Consisting of two polarities (optimistic and unfavourable), the Speed Force grants a wide range of talents to these related to it, starting from benign to terrifying. Flash’s nemesis Eobard Thawne, AKA the Reverse-Flash, was the primary speedster to faucet into the Unfavourable Speed Force; a extra predatory model of the Optimistic Speed Force. It permits its customers to generate extremely explosive pink lightning, take in the recollections of others, siphon the Speed Force from different speedsters, and alter the consumer’s age at will. It additionally allowed Thawne to return in time (unaided by the cosmic treadmill) and homicide his adversary’s mom whereas he was nonetheless a toddler. Whereas there’s an assumption that the unfavourable power represents “evil” and the optimistic power represents “good,” Future State: The Flash #1 reveals that the ability of the Speed Force could be corrupted no matter which Side uses it.

Taking place in a dystopian future born from the ashes of Dark Nights: Loss of life Steel, DC’s newest crossover occasion collection offers readers a peek into the grim days that lie forward for a lot of of Earth’s heroes. In Future State, Barry Allen’s former sidekick Wally West has turn out to be corrupted by Famine, the legendary Rider of the Apocalypse. Recognized within the Crime Bible as Yurrd the Unknown, Famine first appeared within the DC mega-series 52 as a biologically engineered entity created with expertise from the planet Apokolips. Although it is corporeal kind has been destroyed up to now, the avatar of starvation has confirmed that its consciousness can exist even after loss of life. Possessing the physique of Wally, Famine develops a brand new approach to feed; via the Speed Force. Using an previous speedster trick Wally himself pioneered (however not often uses out of concern), Famine compels the previous Child Flash to turn out to be a Speed Force cannibal.

Like a quantum vampire, Famine cannot solely devour youth from his victims (turning them into mummified husks), however he may even devour the Speed Force vitality of different speedsters, completely stripping them of their energy. This ghoulish quirk appears to be an improve of a earlier energy Wally unlocked when he first discovered in regards to the Speed Force – a way typically known as velocity drain. This capacity permits him to siphon the kinetic vitality of different fast-moving objects, and Wally has achieved some really vile issues with this energy, together with turning a murderous teen speedster right into a residing statue. To make it much more twisted, after robbing the rogue of his capacity to supply kinetic vitality Wally put him within the Flash Museum, forcing the assassin of Bart Allen to very slowly spend eternity as his personal crime exhibit piece.

This is not even the primary time the Speed Force has created an apocalyptic nightmare situation. Within the Dark Nights: Loss of life Steel tie-in situation The Multiverse Who Laughs, the Darkest Knight envisions an Earth the place the Flash makes an attempt to share the Speed Force with the remainder of the world. Sadly, his try at altruism yields catastrophic outcomes, as he evolves the human race into “vicious velocity monsters.” Societies rise and collapse inside seconds, and humanity reaches its warmth loss of life inside the span of a single breath. Just like the Jedi of the Star Wars universe, the Flash-Household have to be cautious in how they make the most of the Force that grants them godlike talents – lest they turn out to be consumed by the Dark Side of its energy.


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