EA has released the latest FIFA 22 deep dive, giving potential players on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Nintendo Switch a complete rundown of everything new with Career Mode and Player Career, FIFA’s often forgotten single-player modes. To this end, EA revealed new club customization options that will allow players to create their own club, and design everything from the jerseys, to the stadium and badge.

With FIFA 21, EA finally gave Career Mode some love, but it didn’t extend the same love to Player Career. This time around though, both modes are getting plenty of shine, but fans aren’t that impressed with all the new features, improvements, and changes, especially the new customization options in Career Mode, with some labeling it all as low effort and nothing more than a copy and paste job.

Meanwhile, other players are excited about the changes and grateful to finally see the game’s single-player modes get some love after years of Ultimate Team being the disproportionate recipient of attention and resources.

In short, players are divided about the deep dive — which can be viewed here — which, to an extent, is always the case anytime FIFA does anything new.


What have you been doing for a year? As all I see you copying Pro Clubs from online and making it work offline. That does not take you a year to do. You be ashamed for charging full price for Fifa 22. You have the ability to create something amazing and you squander it every year

— Jaycensolo (@Jaycen_solo) August 5, 2021


Utter Failure

This is a massive disappointment. Utter failure. Almost everything was focused on player career. Don’t you lot recognize how many folks out there play football manager, master league for PES etc..? Create a club is nice for some but not those of us who want a realistic experience

— USACFC (@USACFC_) August 5, 2021


Fed Up

So the “create stadium” is really just editing seat colour of the same generic stadiums we’ve had for ten years!

Should be able to create stadiums from scratch, Even for Career mode teams with generic stadiums. Fed up of Ivy Lane and Europa Stadion😔

— SeanAFC (@SeanAFCGunner) August 5, 2021



Manager career has barely been touched, no long term player career stats either! Poor

— Luke Jones (@Ljones246) August 5, 2021


Huge W

People love to complain, I think this is a huuge W… especially the player career info.

— Mavs forest fire (@TheUncleGhandi) August 5, 2021