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Digimon Adventure Reboot Introduces Final DigiDestined Mega Evolutions

Digimon Adventure Reboot Introduces Final DigiDestined Mega Evolutions

Digimon Adventure introduced the final Mega Evolutions for the DigiDestined partners with the newest episode of the reboot anime series! The 20th Anniversary celebratory reboot series is fast approaching its end and the final battle of the series overall has taken its shape. After Tai and the other DigiDestined have spent the last string of episodes exploring corners of the Digital World to find the secrets of their respective Crest powers, the fight has now come to them as the prophecized Great Catastrophe has officially begun with the newest episode.

Now in its final few episodes, the Great Catastrophe has taken shape with the arrival of a dark new enemy formed by a massive collection of Soundbirdmon known as Deathmon. This giant enemy was almost too powerful to take on directly, but with the power of their crests, the two Holy Digimon in the party were finally able to reach their fullest Mega Evolutions, the angels Seraphimon and Ofanimon. You can check out below as spotted by @Wikimon_news on Twitter:

Holy Angemon (Battle Mode → Priest Mode) to Seraphimon, and Angewomon to Ofanimon evolution sequences#Digimon #デジモン

— Wikimon (@Wikimon_news) September 5, 2021

Although Patamon and Gatomon had reached their Mega Evolutions before in the fight against Millenniumon, the Great Catastrophe has sparked a new kind of power for the DigiDestined. The Crest monoliths that they had come across before were now fully shining thanks to the fact that the DigiDestined had successfully unlocked each of their powers. With this new boost, Seraphimon and Ofanimon were able to take down the massive Deathmon with a single combined attack. Now it’s just a matter of carrying that holy power into the real final battle.

As the reboot series approaches its final two episodes, now it’s a matter of seeing whether or not the DigiDestined can truly fulfill their destiny and put a stop to this new dark enemy that was born from Deathmon’s defeat. Now that each of their partners has unlocked their respective Mega Evolutions, they are at their strongest yet and are going into this final battle more prepared to fight than ever before. Considering what they were able to do without any preparation before, it’s going to be a huge finale.

But what do you think of these final Mega Evolutions making their debut in Digimon Adventure‘s reboot series? How do you think it’s all going to come to an end? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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