Destiny 2 fans have, uh…fallen in love with the adorable Baby Fallen, and many have been wondering where they can throw their money to get a plush version. Well, we finally have an answer.

Numskull Designs has partnered with Bungie to develop a 10-inch Fallen Baby plush with glow-in-the-dark eyes, and you can adopt one here at Numskull’s retail arm Just Geek for $29.99. It’s a pre-order with a release date set for October.

Of course Baby Fallen are super cute until they become adults, but these cuddly little ones will stay young forever! Though, we don’t know what will happen if you put one in the same room with your Baby Yoda plush. They could battle it out to become the cutest creature in the galaxy. From the official description:

Thoroughly terrifying in their full adult forms, we’re surprised to find ourselves Fallen in love with these adorable Eliksni snuggly bugs. Now you can have your very own to take back home with this super cuddly 10” plush! Although we can’t guarantee this little bugger won’t try to bite you.


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