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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 8-09-21: The Truth Has Consequences


It’s been a long two weeks, but Days of Our Lives’ return promises to be worth the wait.

The drama in Salem picks up from where it left off, with Allie and Claire getting arrested for their part in Ciara’s kidnapping, EJ throwing Sami out of the house… and Ciara regaining her memories!

There is a ton of drama to look forward to during Days of Our Lives during the week of 8-09-21. Read on for all the scoop.

The Days of Our Lives spoiler video promises a Cin-heavy week, so fans of the couple will finally get the payoff they were hoping for.

After Ben takes Ciara to the cabin instead of to her wedding, she’s at first still resistant to his advances.

But by the end of the spoiler clips, Ciara appears to remember their relationship.

No news on what that’s going to do to Theo, who was expecting to start a life with her and is waiting at the altar… will he be an afterthought?

If you’re not a Cin fan, don’t panic. There’s plenty else going on.

The other major storyline involves EJ learning the truth about Sami and Lucas. According to spoilers, EJ gets into a major fight with Lucas and throws Sami out of the house.

It’s anyone’s guess what will happen next, although, with Allison Sweeney due to exit temporarily on August 11, it may be a while before we find out.

Check out all 12 official NBC spoiler photos below for all the details about Days of Our Lives during the week of 8-09-21.

Ben takes Ciara to a place with special meaning for them.

Despite Days of Our Lives not showing us the place where it all goes down, it’s not hard to guess.

Ben will likely take Ciara to the cabin that somehow has survived several fires.

This is meant to hearken back to Bo and Hope’s love story, and when Kayla took an amnesiac Steve to a bungalow, they shared to trigger his memories.  And it appears it will work just as well, at least from the spoiler video.

EJ confronts Sami with Kristen’s letter.

I’m surprised that EJ is going to reveal what he knows so quickly.

Once upon a time, he was a wily, cunning Dimera who strategically withheld information to torment someone who had done him wrong.

But now it seems he’s eager to get on with it.  Sami really should remind him of how he behaved when he was cheating on her with Abigail, but will she?

EJ and Lucas fight over Sami.

It appears that EJ is on the warpath.

This all should convince Sami that her “love story” with EJ is nothing but an abused woman afraid to leave her husband, but it probably won’t.

I’d love for Lucas to come out on top, but I have my doubts that he will.

Sami rips into Nicole.

Sami really has no one to blame but herself for this mess.

Lucas told her repeatedly to leave Nicole alone, or Nicole would expose the truth about them, but Sami wouldn’t listen.

Hopefully, Nicole tells her just that. But will these two end up in yet another catfight?

Gabi reveals to Jake how she intends to bring down Philip.

I’m not happy about this.

Philip has been good to Gabi — one of the only people who were willing to not only give her a second chance business-wise but be her friend.

They almost dated, for God’s sake. And now she’s going to do her damnedest to undermine him. Ugh.

Ava is unhappy to find Rafe comforting Nicole.

Ava knows Nicole and Rafe are friends, and a hug can be innocent.

But she’s already convinced that Rafe is secretly in love with Nicole, and she happens to be right.

I’d love for Rafe/Nicole to be endgame here. But hopefully, we can get there without Ava going nuts.

EJ throws Sami out of the mansion.

The logical thing for Sami to do would be to realize EJ isn’t worth it and go straight into Lucas’ arms.

But that would be too easy, wouldn’t it?

Instead, Sami will probably fight to get EJ back even though he’s not worth it.

Chanel and Tripp grow concerned about Allie.

Allie and Claire appear to be some of the only people in Salem to be arrested for a crime they’re actually guilty of.

Tripp and Chanel will probably want Allie to cut some sort of deal, get herself out of trouble, and be worried that she’s going to jail for a long time.

Will this bring the two rivals for Allie’s heart closer to each other?

Belle and Eli put pressure on Allie and Claire.

Belle is a defense attorney. She should not be pressuring either her daughter or her niece to incriminate themselves.

Still, it’s nice for the cops to do something about lawbreakers rather than looking the other way because they’re family or claiming they had a good reason for their behavior.

It’s unlikely either of these women will spend much time in jail, but still.

Ciara has a major breakthrough!

Ciara is going to get at least some of her memories back.

The spoiler video has her saying she remembers, but it’s unclear if she knows everything now.

The bigger question is what happens next. Will she decide to resume her relationship with Ben? And just as importantly, will she stop being so obnoxious?

Lani explains to Abe why it’s so hard for her to forgive Paulina.

I’m curious about this.

With Paulina’s mother slated to come to town on Days of Our Lives during the week of 8-16-21, Lani will likely be pressured to give Paulina a second chance.

And Abe is likely drifting back toward a relationship with her, which could cause problems for him and Lani if Lani refuses to forgive Paulina.

Gwen finds herself on the hot seat.

This feels like an old spoiler.

Eli has questioned Gwen a billion times and come up empty.

First of all, Salem needs more cops — one guy shouldn’t be doing anything. But if Eli is going to arrest either Gwen or Xander, he needs to get on with it.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics!

What are you most looking forward to now that Days of Our Live is back on the air?

Hit the big, blue SHOW COMMENTS button and let us know.

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Days of Our Lives again airs on NBC on weekday afternoons starting on August 9, 2021. Check your local listings for airtimes.

Jack Ori is a senior staff writer for TV Fanatic. His debut young adult novel, Reinventing Hannah, is available on Amazon. Follow him on Twitter.

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