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Days of Our Lives Round Table: Paulina Is Lani’s Mom!


Sami disappeared, and no one noticed, Ciara and Ben remarried, Claire and Theo left Salem, while Paulina struggled with a long-kept secret.

Our TV Fanatics Jack and Christine are joined by Bradys from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate rate Ciara and Ben’s latest wedding, EJ’s tirades about Sami, whether Paulina should come clean, and more!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Are you surprised more people aren’t worried about Sami’s disappearance?

Bradys: No, I’m not, because Sami is a bad person and people have other things to worry about. I also think that her disappearance was “justified” by that weird message.

Jack: This is one of the most unrealistic things ever. Everyone should be shocked and concerned by Sami’s “out of character” behavior. She is not Paulina, flitting in and out of people’s lives on a whim.

Everyone agrees that Sami would NEVER just want alone time. The fact that she wasn’t raising hell at the police station after Allie’s arrest is a gigantic red flag.

I’m surprised that Johnny just accepted Allie’s suggestion to leave Sami alone, especially when he is so determined to get backers for his film project.

Christine: Yeah, Sami’s disappearance makes little sense. Allie was arrested. Johnny’s in town. She swore she would win EJ back…and then she takes off to lick her wounds?

No one who knows Sami Brady would buy that. I hope Sami’s abduction leads somewhere good because the premise to get us there is just silly

How do you feel about EJ calling his marriage to Sami a farce?

Bradys: I think that this is not the case. They had a marriage of many years and loved each other for many years, but EJ cares a lot about himself and not about his family.

I also think Sami should have left him a long time ago and that he should change his personality for once, better if that means being with Lucas as well.

Jack: While I agree that it was, this also seems out of character. EJ did a complete 180 in a matter of seconds, going from swearing his everlasting love for his Samantha to calling her derogatory names and saying he’s glad to be free of her.

That feels contrived and plot-driven to me.

People don’t switch feelings from love to pure hate that easily, and I think Nicole is right that he’s hiding his hurt behind anger.

Christine: This feels like a re-write of EJ’s personality. I couldn’t have imagined EJ calling Sami a slut, and yet he did it multiple times. Then he claimed he’s good to be rid of her…the woman who spent years searching for him and then years nursing him back to health!

I don’t understand why they bothered to bring EJ back if it was just to tear Sami and EJ apart.

Rate Ben and Ciara’s second wedding from 1 (What a waste of time) to 10 (So romantic!)

Bradys: I give it a 4 for the following reasons: first, it wasn’t a lot of episodes and a lot of scenes announcing the wedding.

Second, they were able to resolve several things, and I liked that it was a small wedding. Although I must admit that it felt forced and a bit of a filler for this episode.

Jack: I’ll give it a 2. We actually finished it this time, and I would have overlooked the fact that they didn’t get a marriage license (after all, this is Salem!)

if it had been a complete wedding and not a rush to the end. I think it was rushed partially because Isabel Durant was leaving, so they couldn’t stretch it over two episodes, but still.

I’m not a Cin fan, but if I were, I would have been so incredibly disappointed that after a solid year of Ben and Ciara being apart, they didn’t get a real wedding out of it!

Christine: I give it a 6. They already had the big wedding, even though it ended with an explosion, so I wasn’t expecting another one if, for no other reason, I doubt the show can afford it.

There was something about this small, impromptu wedding that I found charming and romantic, and although the guest list was small, it was everyone I would have chosen in attendance.

Should Paulina tell Lani the truth about being her biological mother?

Bradys: Yes, she should tell her, but I don’t know if it’s the right time for Lani to face a situation where she basically loses the people she always thought were her parents.

But it’s clear that when she finds out about this, Paulina will go back to being the woman everyone is mad at, although I think other people will also be to blame, like Olivia or Tamara, who did know about this secret.

Jack: Absolutely, for a couple of reasons. First of all, this is Salem, and Paulina already learned the hard way once that secrets always come out at the worst possible time.

Second, Lani wants her to be honest from now on — does she really want to risk another big blow-up later?

Also, no one in Salem ever thinks of this, but medical history is sometimes important. Lani needs to know, if possible, who her biological parents are so she and her doctor can take preventative measures if needed (e.g., if Paulina has the breast cancer gene and Tamara doesn’t, that would be important to know.)

And finally, this is being made into a bigger deal than it is. If Lani knew the truth, she’d understand Paulina’s conflicted behavior toward her and why Tamara doesn’t seem to want to have much to do with Paulina.

It won’t change that much for Lani’s relationship with Abe. She may not be biologically his, but he considers her his daughter, and he’s not the kind of man who will kick her to the curb if he finds out (as long as she wasn’t the one lying to him for her own purposes.) And since he’s dating Paulina, that could make him Lani’s stepfather.

Christine: No! Telling Lani is nothing but selfish. It helps Paulina feel better, but it turns everyone else’s lives upside down.

It could ruin Lani’s relationship with Tamara, the mother she loves. Suddenly, Abe won’t be her father, Theo won’t be her brother, and Lani will learn that the people she’s trusted her entire life have lied to her. I don’t think you can underestimate the possible damage that could do to her and her relationships.

As for that Paris trip, Paulina was irresponsible. She should have cleared it with Tamara before she ever told Lani. And once it was canceled, she should have come up with a plausible explanation and apologized to Lani. Paulina got a little girl’s hopes up and then dashed them and ran.

Unless there’s a genuine reason for the truth to come out, Paulina should keep her mouth shut.

Now it’s your turn! Should Paulina tell Lani she’s her biological mother?

Theo and Claire are both leaving Salem. Are you happy or disappointed?

Bradys: They’re not characters I really care about, so I don’t really care about them, but we’ll see if they ever return to Salem with their respective actors or recast.

The way they left seemed the simplest to me, but I think it makes a bit of sense. I think Theo and Claire will end up becoming a couple like they did a few years ago. We’ll see what their future holds.

Jack: I’m disappointed, especially about Claire. There was no reason for her to leave Salem, and the excuse that she can’t be a social media director and work remotely is BS.

Social media is all about online communications, and since Theo needs a director NOW, she has a lot of leverage. She could have negotiated some sort of agreement where she’s only in South Africa for training before heading back.

Beyond that, it seems like they left in the middle of a story. Theo, Claire, and Ciara all being in Salem together while Ciara moves back in with Ben was a recipe for drama, and then 2/3 of the characters disappeared.

Also, I’m tired of Theo (and sometimes JJ) popping back in just to have a “work-related emergency” in South Africa and have to fly back without warning. This is an overused plot device, and I would like both Theo and JJ back in Salem permanently.

(Side note: what kind of business do an EMT and a computer whiz have to begin with, and why does it need to be based in South Africa?)

Christine: I figured Theo would be leaving, although, with Chad and EJ fighting over Dimera Enterprises, it seems like Theo could be a part of that story.

But I wish Claire was sticking around. I was hoping she’d get a storyline all her own that had nothing to do with Ciara and Ben. Perhaps Chanel as a new love interest, and now that’s not going to happen.

Which character are you most tired of right now?

Bradys: Gwen. I basically can’t stand her. It’s not the actress. It’s the way she is as the character. Gwen is bad, too bad. And we thought for a moment she could go over to the good side, but that’s even worse for her.

The truth is, I hope for an improvement in her character because this is an actress capable of changing her character. She just has to do good storylines that favor the character.

Jack: I’ve resigned myself to EJ being back in Salem, but I am already tired of him running around looking for people to help him manipulate Johnny. He’d better find something else to do quickly!

I also would be happy if I never saw Gwen again. I don’t like her and Xander together, and Xander’s sacrificing his freedom for her is pukeworthy. He needs to find out Sarah was kidnapped and go find her.

Christine: I’m so tired of mopey Nicole and Rafe and that damned bear. What is it about Rafe? I liked Hope, but once she was paired with Rafe, she became whiny and boring, and now I see the beginnings of that with Nicole.

What disappointed you the most this week in Salem?

Bradys: I think EJ let me down a bit this week, mostly on Friday, asking Nicole to hire her son so he can have a “decent” job when Johnny is of age and can do what he wants with his life. Why does EJ have to meddle with that? I found it a bit annoying, but he’s a DiMera, they always do stupid things, and they’re evil like that.

Jack: As I mentioned above, Claire’s ridiculous excuse for an exit story was extremely disappointing and unrealistic, not to mention unnecessary.

I’m also disappointed that Lani, who is supposedly a great detective, couldn’t see through Olivia’s manipulations while she was at Paulina’s. I HATE when they make characters stupid for the sake of the plot, and this was one of the worst examples.

First, Olivia engaged in super obvious manipulative ploys to try to get rid of Lani. Then, when that failed, she literally stood on top of Paulina, giving her dirty looks while Paulina stammered through a non-explanation of what she wanted to tell Lani.

And Lani took it all at face value! No wonder the criminals always defeat the cops if this is an example of Salem’s best detective work!

Similarly, how did John and Marlena not realize Sami is in danger after what Allie told them? Also, since when are John and Marlena so pro EJ/Sami?

They are suddenly acting like they thought they were a perfect couple and that it’s a big shock that Sami would have had any interest in Lucas, and that makes no sense considering how many times they prayed for Sami to be with anyone BUT EJ in the past.

Christine: Claire leaving Salem. I’ve enjoyed this actress as Claire, and I’d like to see Days embark on its first all-female romance, but I like Allie with Tripp. I really thought that Claire and Chanel had some potential.

Also, I can’t believe Johnny’s finally in Salem, and we don’t get to see him interact with Sami. I feel cheated out of those scenes.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

Bradys: I really liked Johnny’s scenes. I think bringing in a refreshing character was something the show needed. He’s going to have some good moments, I’m sure.

So let’s hope everything works out for him, even his relationship with Chanel, which I’m not really disliking. So we’ll see what happens.

Jack: I loved all things, Johnny! He is the best new character since JJ premiered in May 2013 and helps fill the hole in my heart since JJ left.

I especially liked Johnny and Allie’s conversation, and I thought this Days of Our Lives quote was funny: 

Allie: Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?

Johnny: I thought you’d know.

Allie: How?

Johnny; You know, the old twin telepathy.

Allie: I think a telephone would have been a better option.

Christine: Johnny finally getting back to Salem. I hate it when random new characters get too much screen time, but Johnny isn’t random. And with his parents (assuming Sami comes back) and Allie in Salem, there’s plenty of reason for him to be a part of the story.

And even though I was hoping for a bi/lesbian pairing for Chanel, I am enjoying her scenes with Johnny and am willing to see where that goes.

Now it’s your turn, TV Fanatics! Hit that SHOW COMMENTS button down below and tell us if you agree or disagree with us about this week in Salem. Then head on over to Jack Ori’s Days of Our Lives review here at TV Fanatic.

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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