Fortnite held another one of its big concerts tonight, this time featuring none other than Ariana Grande, and while it was a little on the short side, a majority of fans came away happy with how it all turned out. Grande featured a nice mix of old favorites and newer tracks, including Positions, The Way, Be Alright, and more, and fans were taken on a colorful and quite creative adventure as she made her way through the set. She also showed off the new skin and accessories now available to buy in the game, and fans seemed to really like the new skin and the convert overall. You can check out some of our favorite reactions starting on th enext slide, and you can find a full rundown below.

First raindrops hit, and soon after Grande appeared on a giant orb and went right into 7 Rings, and then the scene shifted to a huge lake surrounded by clouds as she went into the chorus. She then disappeared into a pink orb as more bubbles filled the screen, and then she started singing Be Alright. As the chorus hit Grande appeared with full wings(the back bling you can get), and everyone was soaring through the sky in bubbles.

Then Grande faced the viewers and blew a kiss and then soared through the air a bit more until a rainbow appeared and shifted scenes again. That’s when the track R.E.M. hit, and you could see her swinging through the clouds as another version of her soared through rainbow rings. Animal-shaped clouds filled the sky and then things changed again. We then see a Greek-styled set of buildings with a tall Ariana standing over everyone holding a sledgehammer (which you can unlock as part of her costume pack).

At that point, The Way begins, and we see her walking up different sets of stairs, which appear at different angles as platforms shift around. Players go through various portals to keep up with her as she walks toward an unknown destination, and then at one point she swings the hammer around and throws it towards the sky, shattering it.

Then you soar upwards and see her floating on a platform of shards. That’s when Positions kicks in, and you see her with all of her gear in the middle of the area as the area turns different colors. She then lifts the hammer and brings it down, shattering everything and opening another portal, which takes you back to the starting area with fireworks going off anywhere.

You can check out what people are saying about the event starting on the next slide, and let us know what you thought in the comments or by hitting me up on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

Only Time

the only time you will ever see me playing fortnite was for that ariana grande concert and skin

— brie⁷ (@yoonsfIwr) August 6, 2021


Need An Emote

So I want an emote of the dance Ariana was doing to 7 rings now please🙄

— C.aliyaah (@Caliyaaaah) August 6, 2021



@ArianaGrande I still can’t get over the amazing concert! 😭😭 it was soo beautiful and powerful! 😻 thank u for this and the beautiful skin queen 😻💜

— Ariana’sHeart (@IheartAri1993) August 6, 2021